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Cannabis Store Amsterdam offers you CANNABISMILE, the line of the most famous and prestigious varieties of Cannabis Sativa L. inflorescences in the world. They are all organic and certified at European level and all obtained through authorized crops. They are not products intended for human consumption, they are not medicinal or food products or food supplements, they are neither smoking nor ingesting products but they are objects of an exclusively ornamental and decorative nature and can only be sold to adults. All our cannabis inflorescences contain Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the non-psychoactive metabolite of Cannabis Sativa L . and they are all perfectly legal because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is present in percentages that always respect what is prescribed by European laws and by those in force in each country where our stores are located.

CANNABISMILE amnesia 1017 copia.jpg
CANNABISMILE white widow 1023 copia.jpg
CANNABISMILE american dream 1037 copia.j
CANNABISMILE cheese 1035 copia.jpg
CANNABISMILE orange bud 1042 copia.jpg
ice rock 1113 copia.jpg
CANNABISMILE strawberry 1033 copia.jpg
CANNABISMILE purple haze 1043 copia.jpg
CANNABISMILE lemon 1031 copia.jpg
CANNABISMILE gorilla glue 1041 copia.jpg
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