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CBD, for the WHO, is outside the drug conventions

Cannabidiol, in the abbreviation CBD, is a plant substance found in nature in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, which has no psychoactive effects and is 100% natural. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also decreed that CBD has beneficial effects on the human body, is not addictive, does not cause psychoactive or cardiovascular effects and does not involve risks for the individual or for society. All the products in this line are not medicines, nor food supplements, they are not products to smoke or to ingest or inhale but they are objects of an exclusively ornamental and decorative nature, they can be sold only to adults and they are all perfectly legal because they always respect what is prescribed by European laws and by those in force in each country where our stores are located.

Rebalancing of sleep

There is a very strong link between sleep and sport. They help each other. During sleep, the damaged muscle fibers are repaired thanks to growth hormone. During the REM phase the body slows down, restores organs, produces immune cells and builds bones. Remember, however, that intense physical activity before falling asleep can alter sleep. CBD can calm the effects of adrenaline and stress, thereby regulating sleep.

Mind Relaxation

CBD helps relieve anxiety. It can happen that a sporting activity, such as a competition, is cause for anxiety, caused by pressure or expectations.

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